What is panels?

Panels are the welcoming space for all participants who has interests in holding activities! Venue and time will be managed by Thaitails staff. However, the imagination is the only limit of your creation.

How ones can open panel?

If you feel interested to hold your own panel, participants will have to submit the application via the button below. Then, Thaitails staff will select the ones which meet our criteria. We will arranged a short talk for passed panels to ensure everything going off without a hitch!

Here are some interesting topics

The topics of panel can be anything. We have picked up some examples to help you consider.

  • Meet-up panel or panel which everyone can meet and share their interest with each other For example, anime fan gathering, rhythm game circle, car lover club ,or even Holloywood enjoyer

  • Workshop panel or panel you showcase your talents or organize a boardgame session For example, how to play boardgame, oil painting demonstration, create your own music, or how to play Mahjong

  • Sharing panel or panel you can impart your exciting journey or something beneficial to the others For example, foreign country solo trip, how to prep yourself for a foreign convention, university life, or even the ghost story