Thaitails 2023's Code of Conducts


Thaitails Convention’s judgment is final


This rule will override any other rules of the convention. Any action or behavior that causes discomfort to any individual (attendee, convention staff, hotel staff, etc.), causes damage to the venue’s property, or interferes with any venue worker may result in a permanent ban from the convention.


General Rules

  • Treat others respectfully. Don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable in the convention.
  • All attendees must wear their badges at all times. We can ask you to show the badge at any time. The badge must not be shared with other attendees.
  • Please ask for permission before engaging in any kind of physical interactions (touching, hugging, head petting, nose booping, etc). Any physical interaction without consent or permission will not be tolerated.
  • Appropriate and respectful behavior is expected. Don’t do anything stupid. You will be responsible for any damage you have caused. Violence and/or thievery will not be tolerated.
  • Violence and/or thievery will not be tolerated.

Clothing and Decency

  • As the event is held within a hotel which also includes other guests, please keep your clothing reasonably inoffensive. If your clothes are considered inappropriate, a warning will be given and we expect you to follow accordingly.
  • Any sign, symbol, or clothing that represents or is commonly known to be associated with a certain belief, organization, or political ideology likely to offend other guests is not permitted.
  • Collars and sled-dog like harnesses may be worn either with costumes or discreetly with your normal clothing. Leashes ARE permitted as long as it does not present a tripping or other safety hazard to the wearer or anyone else. Leashes may ONLY be held by the wearer.
  • Attendees should not wear clothing or accessories which are overly revealing, inappropriate to the atmosphere of the convention, or likely to cause reasons for complaint or offense. This includes clothing or accessories that are fetish-related or adult-themed (sexually explicit, gory, violence-related, etc.).
  • After 20:00 (8pm), in public areas and panels, please cover up adult-charged clothing appropriately in the hotel space, con space and during attending panels. (Example includes body fitting clothing of any materials that accentuate the genital area or reveal/accentuate certain body parts that might cause offense to other attendees)
  • As there are too many different types of clothing, we cannot specifically give all examples of “adult-charged” clothing. If in doubt, please contact the Thaitails’ staff for further information and specific dress code for that particular clothing.

Weapons Policy

  • Actual weapons are not allowed inside of the convention.

All items that could potentially be a weapon must be approved by the convention staff first, including replicas.

  • Replicas are allowed as part of a costume and should be used for that purpose only.

Alcohol and other drugs

  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the convention. With the exception of the After Party, in which all kinds of beverages can be brought in, except for beers.

(Alcoholic beverages except beers are allowed in After Party)

  • It is illegal to give alcohol to people under the age of 20. Thaitails staff do not condone any activities that are against the law and will act appropriately if found.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the convention.
  • Any individual who is found to possess any illegal drug will be arrested, handed over to the police and banned from the convention.

Minor Rule

  • Attendees under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian at all times.
  • Attendees under 15 years of age without accompanying guardian must have "The letter of consent for a minor to attend Thaitails 2023" signed by their guardian. The original copy of the letter must be presented at the registration table to receive a convention badge. The letter will be sent to your registered e-mail.
  • Children taller than 70 cm are required to register before entering the convention.

Photography and recording video

  • Photography and video filming is allowed in general.


  • Photography and video filming in some areas are prohibited. The organizer of that event will inform you if it is allowed or not.
  • Ask for permission if you want to take photos and videos of any individual. Please respect their decision.
  • If any individual comes up to the staff and reports you for taking their photos or videos without consent, we reserve the right to delete the said photos or videos and you will be asked to leave the convention.
  • Any organizations or media who wish to document, record, report anything related to the convention. Please contact our team directly. You must be granted permission from the boards before engaging in any activities. If a permission is granted, you will receive the media tag. (Everything stated above must be done at least 1-week before convention day)

Pet Policy

  • No pets are allowed in the convention.
  • Service animals are allowed in accordance with the law.

As to promote a safe environment to the attendees, the Thaitails convention understands that we cannot provide total (100%) security to everyone. This also includes inappropriate behavior between attendees. If anyone see any suspicious behavior (threatening, sexual harassment of any kind, etc.) please do not hesitate to notify the convention staff.


Privacy Policy

As an organizer of Thaitails Convention, we may collect and use your personal data, namely showing your ID card, passport, or other government-issued identification document to complete the registration and taking the photo of the overall venue atmosphere to use for promoting in the future event.