Dealers Den


What is Dealers Den?

Dealers Den is the space for creators who love anthromorphic / kemono / furry to show potential and sell products to all Thaitails Attendee. All of Thaitails attendees can access within operation time. We encourage everyone come and take a look, enjoy the event, and have a great time.

Items sold in the venue must be related to anthromorphic / kemono / furry themes, including various forms such as artwork, handmade items, accessories, or even fursuits, featuring both original characters and characters from other media in fan art form.

Guideline for access venue

To maintain order and allow attendees to enjoy looking merchandises comfortable, we kindly ask for cooperation to follow guidelines:

  • Before opening time 30 minutes (9.30), there will queues line up based on ticket tier.
  • Only Super Sponsor Pro Max tier can access venue from 9.50 ( 10 minutes before opening time )
  • Only Super Sponsor Pro tier can access venue from 10.00
  • Other ticket tiers should access the area from 10:15 onwards.
  • From 10:00 to 11:30, In order to prevent congestion inside Dealers Den, group of attendees are allowed enter event area with small intervals. After 11.30, all attendees can access venue directly.
  • As for Super Sponsor Pro Max who arrived at venue after 10.00, you can directly access to venue without waiting in line.
  • As for Super Sponsor who arrive after 10.15, please wait in line with other ticket tiers.