Thaitails 2024 : Unifursity

23-24 March at Grand Richmond Hotel, Nonthaburi

Thaitails 2024 : Unifursity

Pack Your Bag And Get Ready!

It's time to come and play, dance, and have a blast with friends at Thaitails this year! Which is the perfect space for everyone to meet new friends, greet old pals, and create some awesome experiences together!

Events & Activities

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Thaitails 2024 : Unifursity

Official Events


Whether it's the exhibition area or the activity stage, all the event happenings are covered here



Meet new friends with same interests or join in mind-blowing knowledge-sharing that will leave you inspired!

Dealer's Den


Wrap it up by exploring a wide array of fantastic merchandise!, giving you the chance to snag your favorites!

Furry Cafe


Take a break from the hustle and bustle, chill out with a refreshing cold drink. Come take a seat!

Thaitails Game


Get those legs moving and showcase your skills at the Thaitails Games sports event! Let the games begin!

And much more!

และอื่นๆ อีกมากมาย

Because this is just a small part of the many activities waiting for you to experience firsthand!

Stay tuned for more details on the schedule of activities coming soon!

ติดตามรายละเอียดตารางกิจกรรมเพิ่มเติมได้เร็วๆ นี้!

Guest of Honor

Patt (Pattkrapow)

Exceptionally Talented Thai 2D Animator

We’re proud to announce our Guest of Honor of #Thaitails2024 is Patt (Pattkrapow) An amazing 2D animator who have previously worked in animated productions such as Cuphead DLC and Klaus (2019). Do you want to know more about him? Don't miss the GoH talk panel!


Grand Richmond Hotel

Nonthaburi, Thailand

On a brand-new, bigger-than-ever space! The Grand Richmond Hotel is the fresh spot where we're throwing the event this year. Not only is it super spacious, but it's also loaded with easy-peasy travel options. Plus, there's a bunch of interesting spots around to amp up the fun factor!

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